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Four teenage female campers pose for a photo at Camp Hamwi

Dedicated Funders Make Camp Hamwi Possible

By Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Featured News

“I feel like camp has changed the way I look at having diabetes. I love being around all of the great people here!”

Receiving feedback such as the quote above from a Camp Hamwi participant is like music to the ears of the Central Ohio Diabetes Association (CODA). Each year since 1968, CODA has held camp programming during the summer months. Camp Hamwi has provided life-saving disease management skills for thousands of youth living with diabetes in a safe, recreational environment. The camp is named after Dr. George Hamwi, a co-founder of CODA.

At camp, youth ages 7-17 learn the importance of good diabetes control in their childhood and for a lifetime. In addition to Camp Hamwi, there is a program called Stepping Stones, a transitional day camp for children ages 8-12, and Kids Camp for children ages three to seven. The 2021 camp season welcomed 11 campers to Kids Camp, 23 to Stepping Stones, and 199 to Camp Hamwi.

Returning to in-person camp programming would not be possible without the generous support of CODA funders. The Franklin County Community Partnership Grant Program through the Franklin County Commissioners has helped each year since 2013. This year, 77 campers came from Franklin County. The continuous support from the Franklin County Commissioners enables campers to get the most out of camp, including a personal diabetes management plan. The plan includes: A healthy meal plan, regular physical exercise, regular checks of blood glucose levels, and taking diabetes medications as prescribed.

Another longtime supporter of LifeCare Alliance and CODA camps is the Ingram-White Castle Foundation. The Foundation especially supports programs that address a critical human service need. Without this significant funding, CODA would not be able to provide scholarships for campers that attend each summer. One of the many critical skills attained at CODA’s youth and camp programs are self-care skills such as blood sugar testing, insulin injections, and the importance of adhering to diet and exercise regimens.

Three teenage male campers in a canoe at Camp Hamwi

The Harry C. Moores Foundation, a longtime funder of not only CODA Camp but other LifeCare Alliance programs as well, is located in Columbus and supports camps in order to make an impact in child welfare throughout the state. This year camp welcomed youths from 39 Ohio counties with additional campers coming from West Virginia and Michigan. A number of campers reside in rural Ohio counties where they might be the only student in school with diabetes. Being able to interact with their peers who are also learning to manage their diagnosis can be a meaningful experience for those feeling isolated by their condition. A camper remarked, “I feel really glad I came to camp. I came not knowing anyone here, but over the week I made some really cool friends. I was nervous, but I am really happy I decided to come in the end and I will for sure come next year.”

At the end of camp staff completed a thorough outcome evaluation with participants and families to determine program and education components for the next year. The excitement and anticipation to return to camp was felt by everyone involved. “I love Camp Hamwi and I am excited to keep coming here as I grow older,” commented one camper. “Thank you for what you do to make Hamwi special!!!”

Without the support from the above listed funders and additional grants from The Knox County Foundation, CareSource Foundation, the Pickaway County Community Foundation, the Richland County Foundation, the Columbus Medical Association Foundation Youth Advisory Council, and the Tom E. Dailey Foundation, returning to in-person camp would not have been possible.

Thank you so much to all of our funders for making CODA camp successful in 2021!

-Stephanie Rowe Bencic, LifeCare Alliance

A caregiver holds an elderly woman's hand

Ten Warning Signs Your Older Family Member May Need Help

By Featured News, Help-at-Home, Meals-on-Wheels, SixtyPLUS

Changes in physical and mental abilities that may occur with age can be difficult to detect — for older adults and their family members, friends, and caregivers too. Certain behaviors may indicate the need for loved ones to take action. Here are 10 warning signs that your loved one who is an older adult may need some help with living independently:

  • Your loved one has changed eating habits, resulting in losing weight, having no appetite, or missing meals.
  • They have neglected personal hygiene, including wearing dirty clothes and having body odor, bad breath, neglected nails and teeth, or sores on the skin.
  • They have neglected their home, with a noticeable change in cleanliness and sanitation.
  • They are unusually loud, quiet, paranoid, or agitated, or making phone calls at all hours.
  • Relationship patterns have changed, causing friends and neighbors to express concerns.
  • Physical problems, such as burns or injury marks that may result from general weakness, forgetfulness, or misuse of alcohol or prescribed medications.
  • Decreased or reduced participation in activities that were once important to them, such as bridge or a book club, dining with friends, or attending religious services.
  • Forgetfulness, resulting in unopened mail, piling of newspapers, not filling their prescriptions, or missing appointments.
  • Mishandling finances, such as not paying bills, losing money, paying bills twice or more, or hiding money.
  • They have been making unusual purchases, such as buying more than one subscription to the same magazine, entering an unusually large number of contests, or increasing purchases from television advertisements.

If the signs above are raising red flags, resources such as the Administration for Community Living’s Eldercare Locator may be of assistance. For more information about ACL, visit www.acl.gov.

LifeCare Alliance’s wellness, nutrition, and support programs may also help. To make a referral, click here and a member of our team can reach your loved one about services we can offer.

— Content provided by the Administration for Community Living

A LifeCare Alliance employee loads a donated fan into a car at a Beat the Heat Fan Campaign distribution.

LifeCare Alliance a Community Resource During Central Ohio Summer Heat Wave

By Fan Campaign, Meals-on-Wheels, Press Releases

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug. 23, 2021) — With temperatures soaring into the 90s this week, LifeCare Alliance staff and volunteers are out in full force helping central Ohioans beat the heat.


LifeCare Alliance will be distributing free box fans on Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2021, at 670 Harmon Ave., Columbus, OH 43223, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. while supplies last. This service, which is powered by community donations of box fans all summer, is open to anyone who needs assistance cooling their homes.

Those interested in receiving a fan should bring their identification or proof of residency. The drive-through fan distribution is designed to meet social distancing recommendations for reduced risk of COVID-19 exposure.

For more information on LifeCare Alliance’s Beat the Heat Fan Campaign, please visit www.lifecarealliance.org/fans or call the Fan Hotline at 614-437-2870.


LifeCare Alliance serves Meals-on-Wheels in Franklin, Madison, Marion, Champaign, and Logan counties in Ohio. Volunteers and staff will be delivering meals in each of these areas during the hottest days of 2021.

“The dedication of our volunteers and staff is remarkable,” said Charles W. Gehring, President and CEO of LifeCare Alliance. “Especially during extreme heat or extreme cold, it is vital that we ensure our clients receive a nutritious meal each day. Our staff and volunteers help make sure that we are meeting the needs of some of the most vulnerable members of our community.”

Meals-on-Wheels deliveries are an essential part of LifeCare Alliance’s wellness, nutrition, and support services for seniors and people with medical challenges and disabilities. LifeCare Alliance is the largest Meals-on-Wheels provider in the Midwest, and the agency serves all who qualify with no waiting list. During this extreme heat, that can save lives.


LifeCare Alliance urges central Ohioans to check in on their vulnerable loved ones during this time of extreme heat. Older adults and people with medical challenges are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

Concerned about someone during this heat wave? You may be able to help by referring them to LifeCare Alliance’s customer service department. Please visit www.lifecarealliance.org/referral to begin the signup process or call 614-278-3130. A representative will reach out to them and assess their needs and eligibility for services. Concerned family members and neighbors may also serve as a proxy for homebound people needing a box fan. The person in need would send their proxy with their identification or proof of residency to pick up a fan for them. A fan can increase air flow and lower the temperature in a room by as much as 10 degrees.


For more information:

Contact: Anthony Clemente
E-mail: aclemente@lifecarealliance.org

Representatives from Marion Police Department and LifeCare Alliance

SixtyPLUS Update – Summer 2021

By Featured News, SixtyPLUS

Welcome, New Partners

The Marion Police Department is one of LifeCare Alliance’s newest partners in the SixtyPlus program! We’d like to welcome them and thank them for joining forces with our Agency to address important needs for seniors and people with medical challenges or disabilities in Marion.

Here’s what Officer BJ Gruber said about the new partnership:

“Marion PD chose to partner with LifeCare Alliance because the officers come into contact every day with people who have a host of different needs. In order to be more efficient it is important that they have partner like LifeCare Alliance throughout the community that they can connect with.”

Referral Training

As we continue in our efforts to increase partner referrals, we have developed a partner referral training!  Please email Fannisha Page at Fpage@lifecarealliance.org to register your department for the referral training. This can be done in person or via zoom!

Thank you, London Fire Department, for being the first to attend this training!

Let’s get Referring

Starting in August we are asking our current partners to send over data for any runs made on seniors 60 and older. We will take care of the rest!

Frailty Scale Data: What’s New

Since June 2020, LifeCare Alliance staff members have been administering the Home Care Frailty Scale (HCFS) to all new clients over the age of 60. The HCFS is a 30-point instrument used to evaluate the following six domains: function (e.g., ability to perform housework), movement, cognition and communication, social interaction, nutrition, and clinical diagnoses. The purpose of administering the HCFS is to collect data from clients that represent their current levels of frailty and their specific health needs. LifeCare Alliance staff members complete the HCFS with clients every three months in order to routinely monitor frailty levels and determine the extent to which LifeCare Alliance services help minimize the risk of worsening frailty.

Preliminary analyses (see figure below) of HCFS data have indicated that LifeCare Alliance services may play a key role in helping older adults maintain and/or improve their frailty levels over a three-month time period. HCFS data will continue to be routinely collected from clients and analyzed by the LifeCare Alliance team to examine trends in frailty levels among older clientele.

A full description of the HCFS can be found here.

Dr. Juckett will be presenting frailty data at the Gerontological Society of America conference in Phoenix this November. She has also submitted an abstract depicting LifeCare Alliance’s efforts implementing the Home Care Frailty Scale to the 2021 AcademyHealth Virtual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation in Health.

Headshot of Dr. Lisa Juckett

Dr. Lisa Juckett

New to the team

Dr. Govind Hariharan will be serving as our health economist and will estimate the cost savings of LifeCare’s programs for local community agencies and the greater healthcare system.

Dr. Govind Hariharan specializes in the field of health economics and has multiple decades of experience as an award winning researcher, teacher and consultant. He is also the founder of NEO Advisory LLC, a policy and strategic and economic advisory firm.

Dr. Hariharan is often sought after as an advisor for his keen insights and has provided strategic advice on health care, technology, investments and global expansion to companies and governments. He serves or has served on many advisory boards including the American Diabetes Association, WellStar Institute for Better Health, as well as various health care related task forces in Georgia and New York. He has consulted for numerous organizations such as the World Bank, Council for Quality Growth, University of Texas- San Antonio and Life University.

Dr. Hariharan’s research is extensively cited, especially in the areas of health care, public policy and technology of older adults. He has taught or lectured around the world including major U.S., Chinese, Indian and Singaporean Universities. He has been interviewed or quoted in many media outlets including the Financial Times, Investors Daily, O Globo, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Money Talks and National Public Radio.

Dr. Govind Hariharan

This project was supported, in part by grant number 90INNU0016, from the Administration for Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. 20201. Grantees undertaking projects with government sponsorship are encouraged to express freely their findings and conclusions. Points of view or opinions do not, therefore, necessarily represent official ACL policy.

Meals-on-Wheels logo

LifeCare Alliance’s new funding partner, Community Health Foundation, helps clients in Champaign County receive Meals-on-Wheels

By Featured News, Meals-on-Wheels

Supporters like the Community Health Foundation enable LifeCare Alliance to provide Meals-on-Wheels to older adults and individuals living with a medical challenge and/or disability in Champaign County.

The Community Health Foundation began in 1986 as the parent company of The Community Hospital of Springfield and Clark County. Their mission is to preserve reproductive services, to promote health and wellness, and to advocate for quality healthcare through grant making and education in Clark and Champaign Counties.

As a new funder, their support has provided much-needed relief to our neighbors in Champaign County. Thank you for Nourishing the Human Spirit!

-By Stephanie Rowe Bencic, LifeCare Alliance

Give Now

Click here to join supporters like the Community Health Foundation in supporting the clients of LifeCare Alliance!

Volunteers loading fans into cars

NBC4: Alliance Distributing fans to people in Columbus

By Fan Campaign, Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News

Story published July 7, 2021, by NBC4:

LifeCare Alliance’s Michelle Jones predicts more than 4,000 fans will need to be distributed this year in Columbus.

LifeCare Alliance’s Beat the Heat Fan Campaign has been running for 20 years, in an effort to decrease heat-related deaths.

Call the fan hotline at 614-437-2870 to stay up-to-date on upcoming distribution dates.

Click here to read the full story.

Click here to learn more about LifeCare Alliance’s Beat the Heat Fan Campaign.


A LifeCare Alliance representative delivers a fan to two clients.

ABC6: LifeCare Alliance providing thousands of fans during hot summer days

By Fan Campaign, Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News

Photo and story published July 7, 2021, by ABC6:

LifeCare Alliance typically gives out anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 fans each summer during our Beat the Heat Fan Campaign.

Ted and Janice Onocki, two of many central Ohio residents receiving fans, mention getting a fan is like, “Christmas in the 90-degree heat!”

LifeCare Alliance provides a fan to anyone in need, no questions asked. Call the fan hotline at 614-437-2870 to stay up-to-date on upcoming distribution dates.

Click here to read the full story.

Click here to learn more about LifeCare Alliance’s Beat the Heat Fan Campaign.


Dedra Thompson standing in front of Evans Center sign.

Discover Grove City: Dedra Thompson is giving back to Grove City’s older adults in a big way

By Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News

Photo and story published in the July 2021 issue of Discover Grove City:

After retiring from a 35-year career with Nationwide Insurance in 2013, Dedra Thompson came on part-time as a dining center coordinator at the Evans Center in Grove City.

When the Evans Center had to temporarily close its doors, LifeCare Alliance arranged a grab-and-go lunch system in the parking lot of the Evans Center.

Dedra is passionate about her involvement with the center and says her favorite part is the seniors, and that staying in touch with them through grab-and-go lunches was a major source of support to help them get through loneliness.

Click here to read the full story.


Columbus Cancer Clinic logo

Spanish-Speaking Volunteers Needed at Columbus Cancer Clinic

By Columbus Cancer Clinic, Featured News

The Columbus Cancer Clinic is looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers to assist clients who do not speak English.

Volunteers for Groceries-to-Go, which serves CCC clients, would work at our 670 Harmon Ave. location and take calls for clients that speak Spanish. Volunteers in the Columbus Cancer Clinic will work at our 1699 West Mound Street location. With 38 percent of Columbus Cancer Clinic clients speaking Spanish, volunteers are especially needed. Spanish-speaking clients come in on Tuesday afternoons, on Wednesday afternoons, and on Thursdays. On those days, volunteers will interact with Spanish-speaking clients and perform task such as:

  • Greet patients at the door in their primary language
  • Perform the COVID-19 triage upon arriving for appointments
  • Assist patients in understanding the check-in process (Requesting their photo IDs, providing instructions for completing their registration paperwork, etc., but not for medical interpretation.)
  • Escorting patients to the exam room and providing instructions for changing to gowns and storing their belongings in a locker
  • Make appointment reminder phone calls for patients that did not agree to receiving a text or email reminder (To help reduce our no-show rate)
  • Call patients after we receive a referral from their PCP to schedule their appointment (Staff would then enter the appointment information in the electronic health record.)

If you or a friend are bilingual in Spanish and English, please refer to our volunteer page to start Nourishing the Human Spirit today!

Fan Campaign Drive-Through sign

NBC4: LifeCare Alliance hosts first ‘Beat the Heat’ drive-thru of summer

By Fan Campaign, Featured News, LifeCare Alliance in the News
Story published June 18, 2021, by the NBC4:

LifeCare Alliance hosted the first electric fan distribution of the summer for its Beat the Heat campaign on Friday, June 18, 2021.

Additional information on fan distribution and donation is available by calling The Fan Hotline at 614-437-2870 or visiting the Fan Campaign webpage.

Click here to read the full story.


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